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Nix - SME Customer Loyalty and Financial Solution



Nix is a Nexxera Group multiplatform solution for small and medium businesses. This resource enables companies to financially manage their accounts through cash flow. Besides that, Nix delivers a Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) solution for business transactions, business-to-customer engagement and credit and debit card reconciliation tools.

For individuals, Nix offers a Super App featuring a variety of services that use our transactional banking platform (Gateway) such as: digital bank account, subscription and purchase of products and services from partner companies, in a multi-store environment with a integrated e-commerce engine.

The project roadmap is extensive and also provides for the development of financial advance tools and loans for companies and individuals.

Nix for Business: card reconciliation, cash flow, digital account, receipt anticipation, mPOS and engagement tool (benefits and gamification program).

Nix for costumers: digital account, card wallet, benefits program, purchase of products, services, subscriptions and top ups.

Project Details

Client: Grupo Nexxera – Florianópolis, Brasil
Date: 2018 – …
Responsibilities: acting as a Product Designer in MVP
Platform: Web responsive, Native apps, PWA
Tools: Adobe XD
Deliverables: User Research, Surveys, User Journey, Market Research, Personas, Card Sorting, Sitemap, Sketching, Wireframes, User Flows, Agile

The Challenge

We currently have in the market the entry of important players in the fintech and digital banking segment. Also, Nexxera comes from a 100% B2B context and is now establishing a B2C point of contact.

Because of that, the company goes through a learning process with regard to the behavior of end users in terms of banking and e-commerce solutions, with intense market research, competitors and customers.

Aside from the company's entry into the B2C environment, we are challenged to reconcile technologies to deliver a fast, reliable and secure solution. For this project, we will use market-consolidated open source platforms such as Magento and OpenLoyalty, enhanced with PWA and React Native capabilities.

Development Process

For having an initial troubled stage, the product was being developed through a robust and confusing mindmap, with the goal of publishing in the market, a product without differential and that contained only quick and easy features to be developed.

With me in the project and a joint effort of Product Design and Marketing, we were able to reverse the situation and fill in the gaps left so far.

We conducted extensive benchmarking and user research, both through interviews and online questionnaires to validate what would become the MVP of this great multiplatform.

The solutions found were the following:

  • Web platform for financial management and card sales reconciliation, with a tool for generating B2C engagement campaigns
  • mPOS app for merchant card sales
  • Super App with digital account, wallet and benefits portal and direct relationship with our partner business ecosystem

From the material collected, I conducted a series of interface tests until we came up with a solution that was: economical to develop, objective and user-friendly for the end customer, with attractive features that enable customers to engage with their favorite brands. 

The project apps were being developed in Ionic and the change of its scope, has been undergoing a redesign of its architecture with apps that would use React Native and PWA.

Both apps and the Nix project management web solution are following DSN – Design System Nexxera  




Learnings and Conclusions

I had a first moment of internal work with the teams. Mainly to show the need for design in complex projects, and to bring education and culture about product design processes and deliverables. The company is still maturing about design work and customer contact in the B2C environment.

It has been a rewarding experience to see the repositioning of teams as they come to think of design as a necessity for product development!

Currently the Nix project is in its middle phase of development for the release of MVP.

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